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Next Meeting – June 2022

We have tentatively set a date for the June meeting as Mon 20th June.

It will be an in-person meeting at the SAE Institute Lecture Theatre.

In a followup to his October Zoom presentation (https://www.aesmelbourne.org.au/mtg-rpt-oct2021/),
Joe Hayes will demonstrate his DaS AuReality speaker systems.

Further details to follow shortly.

Meeting Report: April 2022 – Involve Audio Demonstration

With COVID restrictions significantly eased, the Committee has made the decision to trial some in-person events as well as to maintain some online events for the 2022 meeting calendar.

On Monday April 11th a small cohort gathered in person for the first time in over two years for a Section Meeting. We visited the Involve Audio facility at Mentone, where Charlie Van Dongen demonstrated his designs for the complete surround sound chain with improved soundstage imaging – decoding, amplifier, loudspeaker processing, as well as electrostatic loudspeakers.

The feast provided - pizza and sandwiches
Charlie’s hospitality was most appreciated – photo Rod Staples

On arrival, we were greeted by a veritable feast of pizza and sandwiches along with soft drinks to start the evening.
We thank Charlie and his accounts person John Di Paolo for their generosity.

Charlie making his introductory remarks
Charlie welcomes us to his facility –
photo Rod Staples

Charlie started out by introducing his colleagues David Alexandrou – head of electronics, Ron Berger -electronics and software development, and Wayne Cary – mechanical and process audio consultant, who would assist him with the demonstrations.

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April 2022 Meeting Notice: Charlie Van Dongen – From loudspeakers to listeners – On-site Listening Session

We are finally meeting in person again!

The first in-person meeting of the AES Melbourne Section (in what seems like forever) will be held on
Monday 11th April 2022 at 7:30pm.

*Note – there will be NO live online element to this meeting.

Charlie Van Dongen, of Involve Audio will host us at his Mentone (Vic) manufacturing facility, revisiting his earlier presentation with a practical demonstration of:

From loudspeakers to listeners

the complete surround sound chain 
Part 2 – Listening

In the earlier session in February 2021 Charlie Van Dongen of Involve Audio, based in Melbourne, Australia described this end-to-end sound reproduction chain extending from the latest generation of loudspeaker transducers through amplifiers and render electronics that have been developed based on just how humans perceive sound.

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Meeting Report: February 2022 – AES75 “Measuring Loudspeaker Maximum Linear Sound Levels Using Noise”

On Monday February 14th the AES Melbourne Section turned to Zoom again for yet another online meeting.

Over thirty members and guests joined the meeting to hear Meyer Sound’s Merlijn Van Veen Chair of AES Task Group SC-04-03-A present on the current revision of the AES75 Standard “Measuring Loudspeaker Maximum Linear Sound Levels Using Noise”

After welcoming everyone, Section Chair Graeme Huon introduced Merlijn who started by explaining the work of the Standards workgroup tasked with developing this standard, noting that the Task Group consisted of more than 70 people from a wide range of related organizations who had met fortnightly for 2 years to thrash out this document.  He went on to explain the genesis of the M-Noise signal within the Meyer Sound company, and its journey to consideration for inclusion in an AES Standard.

Photo of Merlijn Van Veen
Merlijn Van Veen
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Preliminary Meeting Notice – April 2022

We are currently planning our next meeting for some time in April (whilst dodging the Easter break)

We are planning for it to be our first in-person event in more than two years.
(Note: there will be no online participation available for this event)

Charlie van Dongen of Involve Audio – who presented to us last year – will host us at his facility in Mentone (Vic) where he will demonstrate his immersive audio encoding/decoding and advanced loudspeaker technologies.
Bookings will be required, and numbers limited – so keep an eye out for when the bookings open.

Further details, and bookings will be available closer to the date – stay tuned!