Annual General Meeting 2015 results: Musical Chairs…

On Monday September 14th, 15 members and 10 guests assembled in the SAE Melbourne Lecture Theatre for the Annual General Meeting of the AES Melbourne Section, and to hear Michail Barabasz speak on the topic Anatomy of a Loudspeaker Driver.

Secretary, Peter Smerdon welcomed everyone, and explained that both the Chairman (Mark Edwards) and Vice-Chair (Graeme Huon) were not able to be present due to overseas commitments, so he would be chairing the meeting.
Peter presented the Chairman’s Report, provided to him earlier by Mark.
Then Treasurer Graham Haynes presented his Financial Report.
Then Peter passed the meeting over to Jim Barbour to conduct the Election of Section Officers and Committee Members. Each nomination was presented, and elected unopposed.

The incoming Committee is:
Graeme Huon – Chairman
Paolo Menolotto – Vice-Chairman
Graham Haynes – Treasurer
Peter Smerdon – Secretary
Mark Edwards – Committee Member
Julian Driscoll – Committee Member
Rod Staples – Committee Member
Michail Barabasz – Committee Member

With the formalities of the AGM out of the way the incoming Vice-Chair, Paolo Menolotto took over the meeting and welcomed Michail who then presented to us on his topic “Anatomy of a Loudspeaker Driver”

The substance of Michail’s presentation will be the subject of a separate post here – available shortly.

Meeting Report: August 2015 Hugh Dean on Practical Amplifier Design

Designing Practical High End Audio Amplifiers

On Monday August 10th 14 members and visitors gathered at the SAE Institute in South Melbourne to hear Hugh Dean speak on the topic “Designing Practical High End Audio Amplifiers”

Section Vice-Chair Graeme Huon introduces Hugh Dean
Section Vice-Chair Graeme Huon introduces Hugh Dean. Photo – Rod Staples.








Hugh presented a potted history of his efforts with his audiophile-grade Aksa designs, giving us an insight into some of his design techniques, and tradeoffs between stability and audio quality. Continue reading “Meeting Report: August 2015 Hugh Dean on Practical Amplifier Design” »

Meeting Notice: Sept 14th AGM plus Anatomy of a Loudspeaker Driver

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Melbourne Section of the AES will be held on
Monday September 14th 2015 at 7:30pm at The SAE Institute – Lecture Theatre, 235 Normanby Rd South Melbourne (directions below)

The short AGM will be followed by a presentation by Michail Barabasz on the topic

Anatomy of the Loudspeaker Driver

Michail’s wide-ranging talk will cover the full range of considerations affecting the successful design of loudspeaker systems. They will include topics like the listening room (and its effect on loudspeaker reproduction), loudspeaker component parts, post Plessey Rola (what has changed in the past 40 years), speaker testing (why measure, what should be measured, and QA testing), how pro-audio, monitor and HiFi speakers differ, and design software. Continue reading “Meeting Notice: Sept 14th AGM plus Anatomy of a Loudspeaker Driver” »

Vale Graeme Cohen: News from Adelaide

Vale: Graeme Cohen – Inventor, Engineer.

Many thanks to David Murphy, Adelaide Chair, for this sad news. Below is the notice he issued.

Members will be saddened to learn that Graeme recently passed away. We offer our condolences to his family and friends. His funeral will be at 11:00 am, Tuesday 4th August, 2015 White Lady Chapel, 491 North East Rd, Hillcrest SA 5086


Continue reading “Vale Graeme Cohen: News from Adelaide” »