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Meeting Report: Sept 2020 – Andy Stewart on Recording in a Pandemic

On Monday September 14th, Twenty-five members and visitors joined the Melbourne Section of the AES in a Zoom call for our regular bi-monthly meeting.

The evening started with the Section’s AGM, which is reported separately here.

Following the AGM, re-elected Chairman Graeme Huon introduced Andy Stewart from The Mill Studio on Victoria’s rural Bass Coast to talk on the topic of recording in a pandemic.

Andy explained that he was calling in from the local Country Fire Authority (CFA) station, where he was taking advantage of their better Internet speed, as well as it being a quiet spot away from his young family. He is a Lieutenant in the local Brigade.

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Meeting Report: July 2020 – Ric Curtin

The Melbourne Section conducted an online meeting under the current lockdown conditions on Monday July 20th using the Zoom platform.
Our guest speaker was Audio Designer and Post Production Sound Mixer, Ric Curtin who presented to us on his 50 Years of Audio Production.
Chairman Graeme Huon welcomed the 29 attendees and introduced our speaker to present to us on his topic.

Ric Curtin outlines his life in audio production – Screenshot courtesy of Rod Staples
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Meeting Report: May 2020 – Sonos

The Melbourne Section conducted our first online meeting under the current lockdown conditions on Monday May 18th using the Zoom platform.
Our guest speaker was David Foreman, National Lead for Audio Visual Specialists and Installed Solutions at Sonos Australia.

Chairman Graeme Huon welcomed the 20+ attendees and introduced our speaker to present to us on his topic – Sonos – A History of Innovation and Collaboration.

David Foreman appears on webcam
David Foreman comes to the Melbourne Section via Zoom
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Meeting Report: February 2020 Collarts Tour

About twenty members and guests assembled in the auditorium of the Collarts Wellington St Collingwood campus for a presentation on their audio education activities and a tour of their audio facilities.

Chairman Graeme Huon welcomed all to the meeting and introduced Collarts Head of Audio Production, Jason Torrens, who was to give the presentation and host the tour.
Jason was informally supported in the presentation by Dr Paul Doornbush (Associate Dean) and Dylan Mitrovich (Coordinator of Audio Production).

Chairman Graeme introduces Collarts’ Jason Torrens
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December 2019 Meeting Report – Sound and Emotion

Graeme Huon introduced our speaker Neil McLachlan, Associate Professor of the Melbourne University School of Psychological Sciences who was to present to us on Sound and Emotion.

Graeme outlined Neil’s wide range of experience as a researcher in the Departments of Engineering, Architecture, Psychology and Music, as well as working professionally as a performer, instrument designer, and acoustic consultant.

Section Chair Graeme Huon introduces Neil McLachlan to the meeting

Neil started by introducing the idea of an “auditory brain”, and understanding sound from a psychological perspective. He gave us a quick summary of his work on the Federation Bells project, explaining how one dimensional vibration systems (i.e. voices and most instruments) naturally produce harmonic series, but bells, gongs, and other percussions instruments vibrate in two or three dimensions, so they don’t produce harmonic series. Up to that point nobody had been able to produce bells with harmonic series. He then briefly described how he arrived at the bell shapes necessary to produce bells with perfect pitch.
He went on to describe his experiences with the Gamelan Indonesian percussion orchestras and their use of dissonance as a musical element.

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