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April Meeting – Prelim Notice

The April Meeting has been set for Mon April 19th and will be a virtual meeting via Zoom

Martin K. Koszolko of MusicCollaboration.Online will present on the topic of:

The impact of remote music collaboration software on music production in the time of Covid-19

Further details will be available shortly.

Stay tuned!!

Next Meeting… planned for April

Our next Section meeting is currently being planned for April.
It will again be a virtual meeting via Zoom.

More details will be provided as things unfold.
Stay tuned!

In you have any suggestions or requests for meeting topics or activities please contact us

Meeting Report: Feb 2021 – From Loudspeakers to Listeners (Charlie Van Dongen)

Meeting Report

On Monday 15th February, the Melbourne Section of the AES held our regular bi-monthly meeting in the form of a Zoom Meeting. There was a strong attendance of more than 25 members and visitors.

Chair Graeme Huon introduced Charlie Van Dongen of Involve Audio to give us a presentation on his company’s work on modern surround audio encoding and decoding and speaker design.

Charlie started by recounting his early experiences with surround, starting with the Dynaco decoder, and the quad systems that followed in the ‘70s. He suggested that the reason for the formats’ failure in that era was the market confusion created by the number of competing systems. Moving to the present day, he commented that despite the current crop of surround systems, the predominant format is still stereo, given the number of portable and personal media playback devices. He cited a market survey by one 5.1 system vendor in the ‘90s that indicated that 60% of their systems were incorrectly set up to provide a stereo-only experience, with rear speakers either not connected or wrongly placed adjacent to the front speakers.

Charlie Van Dongen presenting to
AES Melbourne Section – Screenshot by Rod Staples.
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Meeting Notice February 2021 – Charlie van Dongen

The next online meeting of the AES Melbourne Section will be on Monday 15th February 2021 at 7:30pm.
Bookings are required for distribution of the Zoom meeting details. Book using the form below

Charlie van Dongen of Involve Audio will present on the topic:

From loudspeakers to listeners

the complete surround sound chain

The end to end surround sound reproduction chain has always had difficulties with loudspeaker placement and aiming, listener sweet spot restrictions, the effectiveness of listener envelopment and with listener immersion. Attempts to improve the listener experience have resulted in new recording and playback formats that have offered some degree of improvement but were often incompatible with existing equipment.

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Seasons Greetings from AES Melbourne Section!

(Source – AES New York HQ)

The AES Melbourne Section joins in wishing you all the best for the festive season, as we all look forward to a better 2021.