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Seasons Greetings

Preliminary Meeting Notice – February 2022

Our first meeting for 2022 is scheduled for Mon 14th February, and it will again be via Zoom.

We will be honoured to welcome Merlijn Van Veen, Senior Technical Support & Education Specialist of Meyer Sound, who will be joining us from the Netherlands.

Merlijn is also Chair of the AES Standards Task Group SC-04-03-A, which has been tasked with developing a new standard X250/AES75 “AES standard for acoustics – Measuring loudspeaker maximum linear sound levels using noise”.

Merlijn will be giving us an overview of that work, and in particular a preview of a new test signal under consideration.

Merlijn’s presentation should be an excellent follow up to Michail’s December presentation on Loudspeaker power ratings.

Further details, and bookings will be available closer to the date – stay tuned!

December 2021 Meeting Notice: Michail Barabasz – Loudspeaker Power Ratings

Meeting Notice

The next online meeting of the AES Melbourne Section will be on Monday 13th December 2021 at 7:30pm.

Michail Barabasz, of loudspeaker maker Lorantz Audio will present on the topic of:

Loudspeaker Power Ratings

and other myths.

Modern class D amplifiers are capable of kilowatts of drive and care little for the load impedance. Can loudspeaker voice coils and suspensions handle this?
Dedicated amplifier/loudspeaker combinations in active boxes can have sophisticated protection programming.
How effective can this be?
How should the standards for loudspeaker testing and power ratings tackle this?

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October 2021 Meeting Notice: Joe Hayes – DaS AuReality

The next online meeting of the AES Melbourne Section will be on Monday 11th October 2021 at 7:30pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time UTC+11).

Joe Hayes, Inventor and CTO of Vastigo Ltd will describe his DaS AuReality technology in a talk titled:

From Stradivarius to Speaker

technology for improvements in sound delivery and room acoustics treatment.

We are familiar with a well-designed concert hall having clarity of performance without hard echoes and a balanced enveloping sound field.
We seek to capture this in our recording and listening experiences but we often must put up with less-than-ideal acoustic environments.

What if the enveloping experience could be recreated directly from the loudspeaker without the need for the concert hall? And what if the recreated sound field did not detract from the initially arriving direct sound but could actually mask and improve the inevitable echoes and reflections of the typical less than the ideal listening environment?

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Meeting Report: August 2021 – Acoustics Made Easy – Matt Harders

On Monday 9th August, the Melbourne Section of the AES held our regular bi-monthly meeting.

We welcomed over 40 members and guests via Zoom.

Following the Section’s Annual General Meeting (see separate report at, Chairman Graeme Huon introduced Matt Harders, Amber Technologies Brand Manager for Radial/Primacoustic (amongst other brands) to present to us on the topic of

Acoustics Made Easy.

Matt talks acoustics at the AES Melbourne Section
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