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Meeting Report: Nov 2020 – Fabio Marraccini on Online Jamming

On Monday November 9th, the Melbourne Section of the AES held a Zoom call for our regular bi-monthly meeting, with a strong attendance of more than twenty members and visitors.

Vice-Chair Paolo Menolotto introduced Fabio Marraccini to talk on the topic of online music jamming and rehearsals.

Fabio started his presentation with an explanation of the difference between online jams – where playing together using low latency connections is emphasised for spontaneity – and remote collaboration – where the recording quality and synchronization are paramount, so it’s often individuals playing alone to a reference or click-track.

Fabio describing online jamming technology – Screenshot courtesy of Rod Staples
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Planning for 2021 Meeting Calendar

Following a successful transition to online meetings during the 2020 lockdown, your Committee is well progressed in the planning for 2021.

We expect some restrictions to continue into 2021, so the online Zoom format will continue for now.

When in-person gatherings of our type are again permitted we will revert some of our meetings to our traditional format.
We have found the online format does have some benefits, so in the future we are planning to offer a mix of both in-person and online meetings.

Stay tuned for details on our next event – planned for February.