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Meeting Report February 2014: Visit to Vic Police Forensic Audio Studio

On Mon Feb 10th 15 AES members squeezed into one of several forensic audio studios at Victoria Police’s McLeod Forensic Science Centre.

Forensic Officer Jason Ferridge welcomed the group & introduced his colleague Dean Catoggio.

He explained that the studios had been in place for almost 20 years, and then went on to describe the room’s acoustic design.

Jason and Dean then described the type of work handled by the Forensic Audio/Video section, explaining that it was exclusively speech with the goal to ultimately make the speech easily intelligible, for transcription by others, and playback in a courtroom environment.  Continue reading “Meeting Report February 2014: Visit to Vic Police Forensic Audio Studio” »

Graham Thirkell: A Legend of Audio

The first Optro1000 16Track goes into Bill Armstrong Studios

The Graham Thirkell tribute has now been published on this website.
It contains a wealth of information on this amazing electronic and acoustic designer including many photos from Graham’s own collection.

It can be accessed via the “Legends of Audio” menu item at the top of any page,
or by following this link

This is part of an ongoing project by the Section to document the history of Australian audio engineering, and celebrate the people who made it all happen.

If you have any comments or contributions on this subject, please contact us via our contact form


ASSG hears Billy Woodman

AES members report on ASSG Billy Woodman event.

Several members of the AES accepted the ASSG invitation and attended their recent Billy Woodman (ATC) presentation on his latest loudspeaker design work.

Here, courtesy of committee member Graeme Huon, is a report on this event.

Two old friends and pioneers of the world audio industry met in Melbourne on 21st January 2014. Billy Woodman, Australian, and founder of The UK. pro and hifi loudspeaker company ATC visiting Australia met Continue reading “ASSG hears Billy Woodman” »