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Meeting Report: Nov 2011 – Vector Wave-Front Description and Demo

The November 21st meeting was held at Swinburne Univ of Technology and featured Graeme Huon providing us with an update and demonstration of his Vector Wave-Front scheme for more realistic localization of reproduced sounds within a sonic space.

A PDF copy of the presentation slides can be viewed here
An audio recording of the presentation can be played or downloaded here

A video of the slide-show plus audio is available below.

Note: video slide-show does not include audience participation or question & answers – refer to audio recording for these.

Graeme firstly provided a brief recap on the existing technologies and systems (5.1, 7.1, 22.2) and their shortcomings – fixed forward perspective and limited “sweet spot”.

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Next Meeting – February 2012

The next meeting will be held in February 2012 – anticipated date 13th Feb.

Topic is yet to be announced.

Please check in again in the new year.


November Meeting

Graeme Huon to demonstrate his Vector Wavefront scheme.
Mon November 21st, 7:30pm at Swinburne Uni
(Engineering Building Room EN313)

The topic of the next meeting of the Melbourne Section of the AES will be:

 Capture, editing, decoding and rendering for future audio imaging technologies
 – an update and demonstration.
by Graeme Huon.

Graeme’s Vector Wavefront audio format is a new technology that moves beyond surround sound to eliminate the sweet-spot, require less discrete channels, yet remain compatible with the present formats, and allow more flexible placement of loudspeakers.
This presentation will build on Graeme’s presentation to us in June 2010, outlining progress since that date and include audio demonstrations of the scheme’s capabilities.

Monday November 21st at 7:30pm
Lecture Theatre EN313
Level 3
Engineering Building
Swinburne University of Technology
John St

All members, guests and visitors are welcome.

A report on Graeme’s previous presentation is available on the AES Melbourne website.