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December Meeting Notice: DSP in Monitoring Speakers

Meeting Notice

The next meeting of the AES Melbourne Section will be on Monday 10th December at 7:30pm.

Steven Spurrier of Studio Connections will present on the topic:

Using DSP in loudspeakers to tame the monitoring environment
           …Genelec’s unique approach

This presentation will cover modern DSP monitors and how they adapt to the listening environment. Continue reading “December Meeting Notice: DSP in Monitoring Speakers” »

JMC Academy: Head of Audio Dept Position Available

Employment News

JMC Academy have advised that they are currently advertising for a Head of Audio Department at their Melbourne campus.

Anyone interested can check out the details here (PDF document)

This position has also been advertised on

Workplaces Survey & Education Study Summary Report released

The AES Melbourne Section is pleased to report that the Summary Report into the Audio Workplaces and Education Study has been released, and is now published on this website.

A big thanks to Dr Rod Staples who conducted the study.

The on-line survey we conducted late last year formed an integral part of this study, so we also thank all those who participated in that survey.

The Summary Report is at

Prelim Meeting Notice: December DSP in Loudspeakers

Preliminary Meeting Notice

The next Meeting of the AES Melbourne Section is planned for Monday December 10th 2018.

Steve Spurrier from Studio Connections will describe the DSP technology used in Genelec monitoring loudspeakers.

Further details will be posted shortly.

Neville Thiele Video added

“New” Neville Thiele video published

A previously unpublished video of Neville Thiele discussing his work has now been published on our YouTube channel, as well as on his Audio Legends page on this website.

It was recorded in the late nineties.

The direct link to that section of the page is:

The direct YouTube link to the video is

Thanks to Graeme Huon, Rod Staples, Steve Huon, David Hudson, and Peter Smerdon for their work on the current version. Further thanks are due to the late Neville Thiele, Terry Lane, Greg Cambrell, Graham Fettling and Gerry McKechnie (NSV) – and again Graeme Huon – for their work on the original recording.