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Meeting Report: April 2018 Digital Audio Interfaces

Vice Chair Paolo Menolotto welcomed all to the meeting and before Steve Lincoln-Smith gave the main presentation on Digital Audio Interfaces, he introduced AES Member Alec Graham to give a brief introduction to the recent update to the ANSI/Infocomm Audio Coverage Uniformity (ACU) standard for the AV Industry. Continue reading “Meeting Report: April 2018 Digital Audio Interfaces” »

Meeting Report: Feb 2018 MCEC Tour

On Monday February 12th, eighteen members and guests of the AES Melbourne Section visited the Melbourne Convention Centre where Infrastructure and Equipment Manager Michael Walker gave us a tour of the complex.

Greeting us at the Convention Centre foyer, Michael gave us a short rundown of the history of the Centre, and an overview of the areas we would be visiting tonight.
We then moved on to the Master Control Room, where Michael gave us a run-through of the operation of this room in overseeing all technical operations.

Michael Walker describing the Master Control operation – photo Rod Staples

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Meeting Report: Dec 2017 Dolby Immersive Audio From the Cinema to the Home

On Monday December 11th Nick Engel, Dolby’s Senior Director of Consumer Entertainment Technology  presented to the AES Melbourne Section on the topic “Dolby Atmos – Immersive Audio: From the Cinema to the Home”

Nick Engels immerses us in Dolby Atmos – photo Rod Staples









Nick started with an overview of the history of Dolby’s last thirty years of cinema audio, encompassing Dolby Surround, Digital Surround Ex (5.1), and Dolby Surround 7.1. He then moved on from these channel-based systems to the object-based spatial audio description of Atmos – describing position, size and diffusion of individual objects. Continue reading “Meeting Report: Dec 2017 Dolby Immersive Audio From the Cinema to the Home” »

Meeting Report: Nov 2017 Peter Larsen LOUDSOFT

November 2017 Meeting Report

FINE Speaker Test & Design

On Monday November 13th Peter Larsen, President and founder of loudspeaker design and testing software company LOUDSOFT presented to the AES Melbourne Section on the topic “Loudspeaker Design & Test Methods”

Peter started by summarizing his career to date starting with his working for several Scandinavian loudspeaker companies, and JBL in the US, culminating in the founding of LOUDSOFT in 2001. Continue reading “Meeting Report: Nov 2017 Peter Larsen LOUDSOFT” »

Meeting Report: October 2017 MCEC DSP Audio Upgrade

Meeting Report

DSP Audio Upgrade at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

On Monday October 9th Matt Edgcumbe, National Operations Manager of Rutledge AV, and Michael Walker, Equipment and Infrastructure Manager of MCEC, gave us a presentation on the work that Rutledge and the MCEC staff have been doing over the past few years on upgrading the audio infrastructure in the complex.

Michael Walker and Matt Edgcumbe present to AES Melbourne – Photo Rod Staples.









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